“I didn’t have to suffer for so many years, but I didn’t realize there was personalized treatment available for me.”

Mixed martial artist Michael had his dreams knocked out during Christmas vacation. Learn how he fought his way back from pain with aprevo® in his corner.

“Why shouldn’t we be doing patient-specific implants when it’s something you’re going to have in your body for the rest of your life?”

Alexa, mother of two, had back pain for 20 years and had enough of not being able to keep up with her family. Nothing was working until she learned about aprevo®.

“I didn’t want to live a life where I had to worry anymore.”

Real estate agent Barbara was losing her active identity and love of traveling with the constant pain in her back. With the use of aprevo®, she is now back to doing what she loves.

“I’m still transfixed that this is going to fit in the particular recesses in my spine.”

Ed was afraid he would lose function in his left leg and not be able to live the life he wanted for him and his wife. Everything changed when he learned about aprevo®.

“I’m on a new life path.”

Larry was losing the endurance and stamina to play and record music in his studio because of his back pain. With the help of aprevo®, he can enjoy making music again.

It all begins with YOU.

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