Personalized Implants for Your Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is very personal. Your spine is as unique as your fingerprint. aprevo® AI-enabled surgical planning and patient-specific implant devices are a breakthrough approach to creating a personalized solution specifically for you.

Why aprevo®?

FDA Breakthrough Device Designation

aprevo®is the only FDA designated Breakthrough Technology for intervertebral spine fusion.

“Our goal is to accelerate deployment of patient-centric pioneering technology that revolutionizes the standard of care for spine surgery,” – Mike Cordonnier, CEO of Carlsmed.


aprevo® Personalized Spine Provider

The aprevo® Personalized Spine Provider program is designed to help prospective patients make informed decisions and connect them with surgeons who have experience with personalized aprevo® technology.

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aprevo® Patient Stories

Meet real patients who have experienced the aprevo® personalized spine journey. Their stories will show you how they have overcome debilitating spine pain and regained their lives with the help of their aprevo® Personalized Spine Provider.


How Does aprevo® Work?

aprevo® utilizes advanced algorithms and state-of-the-art 3D modeling to develop personalized surgical plans and spinal implant devices, all with one goal in mind: empowering you to Get Your Power Back™.

In collaboration with your surgeon, we leverage your spinal imaging and our AI-enabled technology to create a personalized alignment plan tailored exclusively to you. aprevo® implants, manufactured through advanced 3D printing technology, are then meticulously designed and delivered for your aprevo® procedure.

It all begins with YOU.

Talk to your doctor about the aprevo® patient-specific spinal implants, or find a doctor with our surgeon locator.

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